Patient Participation Group (PPG)

What is a PPG?

Since 1st April 2015 it has been a requirement of the GP contract for all Practices to have a Patient Participation Group (PPG)

A PPG is made up of volunteer patients and representatives from the practice, who work together for the benefit of patients and the practice.

A PPG can play a number of roles which include: 

  • Offering the patient perspective on the service it provides.
  • Encouraging patients to take responsibility for their own and their families health.
  • Carrying out research into the views of those who use the practice.
  • Organising or helping  with  health promotion events.
  • Improving communication between the patients and the practice.

Mulberry PPG  meets quarterly to discuss issues, exchange information and plan next steps. Between meetings members meet informally to support the practice in promoting  such things as online registration, developing and handing out leaflets, attending borough wide meetings etc.

The PPG is not a forum for complaints and it does not deal with personal or medical issues.

All registered patients are eligible to join the PPG, if you are interested in becoming part of the PPG or would like more information please make contact the group via the dedicated email

Annual General Meeting

Our AGM took place on 23.7.2020, grateful thanks to JC (our group chair) for producing our Annual Report of Activities 2019/20

Previous Reports

PPG minutes 24/5/2018

PPG Minutes 02/02/2017

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Publicise the actions taken and subsequent achievement. Click here to see PPG report 2012/2013, which fulfil these criteria

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Mulberry Medical Practice Minutes 18th February 2013
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